• Kaang Productions

Kaang Productions is filming a set of interviews for The Economist Educational Foundation.

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

The question asked: Ahmet soundbite: I’m proud that Briford decided to vote in favour of letting Judy speak. It’s so important that we fight to defend our freedom of speech. Censoring her wouldn’t protected people - we should talk about everything even views that we strongly disagree with.

The Economist Educational Foundation statement:

“We are The Economist Educational Foundation an education charity set up by The Economist newspaper.

Why we exist; a young person’s socioeconomic background powerfully determines the opportunities they will have in life. This is unfair.

Our mission; to tackle inequality by giving disadvantaged young people the skills to think for themselves about current affairs; our goals; we give disadvantaged children the tools to change their chances.


In-depth knowledge of current affairs


The skills to think for themselves: reasoning, curiosity, scepticism, storytelling and open-mindedness.


The confidence to make their voices heard.”